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How Do I Can Repair Yahoo Email Temporary Error 14?

Le 28 octobre 2017, 09:34 dans Humeurs 0

Bump into the Yahoo email annoying error codes are now no surprise at all. You may trouble by numerous technical hiccups in your mail account. One such common error code is “Temporary Error 14”. In case you are also mishap upon such problem, then no worry, as it is easily recoverable by experts using a few steps. Actually, these types of errors are very common and most frequently occurred mistakes in a Mail box. In case you are also found this error, then no need to get panic; just let your computer as it is for a few seconds. Additionally, you can get Yahoo mail customer service to get rid of this issue using experts’ advice

Steps To Tackle Temporary Error 14 Are As Follows:

Step 1: First of all sign out your account from all Devices, actually this error may come into existence because you are logged in the same account on multiple devices like your friend’s smartphone or system. Besides, ensures your email account is not running on other devices like your computer’s tab.

Step 2: Clear your system Cache, sometimes your system cache will prevent you access your account efficiently so remove it time to time, doesn’t matter which browser you are working on.

Step 3: Restart Web Browser, after clearing cache; re-boost your browser working performance by simply restarting it.

Step 4: Sign-in Back to access your account, In case of a problem still, persists then check that you are working on updated OS as well as web browser. In reality, occasionally Yahoo mail features don not work on an out-of-date browser.


 In addition, Contact Yahoo mail customer service phone number to repair this error with the help of experts.

Clean your Brother Laser Printer with Professionals support

Le 6 octobre 2017, 19:09 dans Humeurs 0

Brother laser printer comes with a lot of advantages over Inkjet printers, such as superior quality and faster print speeds. You also need to clean and maintain these printers on a regular basis. A well-maintained printer can offer many years of error-free services, whereas a neglected one can break down just after it’s used to print copies. To clean your printer efficiently, follow these below troubleshooting steps outlined by Brother Customer Support experts.

1.        Raise the cartridge cover slot and hold the ink cartridge by the lever. Take the toner out of the printer and set it on the side carefully.

2.        Clean the Brother laser printer internal part comprehensively. You can use a vacuum cleaner which is designed for cleaning computing devices. Vacuum any collected paper, dirt, and toner excess. Use the soft cloth to clear the printer’s interior and removes remaining dust.

3.        Clean the ink cartridge exterior, carefully. Make sure that no ink is dripping from the cartridges. If any cartridge has a leakage, it must be changed instantly. It can ultimately damage your Brother laser printer.



Cleaning the printer not only keeps it looking decent, but more significantly, it enables you to get the excellent print quality and printer performance. In the case of any difficulties with your printer as it’s not printing, having the paper jam and other kinds of technical errors, instantly call on the Brother printer Support number and seek the best possible solutions for your printer-related problems.


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